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NTT Com Asia Launches Endpoint Policy Management

(25 July 2007, Hong Kong) NTT Com Asia Limited (NTT CA) , a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), today announced the launch of Endpoint Policy Management Online (EPM Online), a secure and convenient solution managing remote PC assets across sites and regions.

Nowadays, effective management of remote devices is becoming a real challenge to enterprise as business expands across many sites and regions. According to Gartner DataQuest in January, 2007, 40% of the total operation cost can be reduced if PC assets are well managed. NTT CA’s EPM Online is the secure and convenient solution that enables enterprises to manage their global PC assets efficiently. 

With EPM Online, global PC assets management made more reliable and easy than ever. It allows secured tracking and managing of remote devices through Internet connection.  EPM Online features intelligent functions that are flexible and easy-to-deploy.  It ensures an efficient, total control of remote devices at a low entry cost; as well as a high adaptability and scalability to existing network infrastructure of any enterprise.  Its automated patch and anti-virus update management feature swiftly addresses the changing security vulnerabilities.

EPM Online is the next-generation managed solution tailored for total PC assets control and management anytime, anywhere. For more service information, please call our customer hotline at +852-2110-3608 (Hong Kong) or +852-2110-3288 (Japanese).

About NTT Com Asia limited

NTT Com Asia Limited (NTT CA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) the global data, IP, voice service arm of the Fortune Global 500 telecom leader, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) (NYSE: NTT), provides full range of Telecom-related services in Hong Kong since 1999. With the full support of NTT and our strengthened partnerships in Asia, NTT CA can offer world-class International Managed Network Services, Hosting Solutions, Data Centre, Security Solutions, Managed Services and ICT Solutions to businesses.With over 36 offices around the world and extensive network coverage reaching out to 200 countries and regions, NTT Com Group can offer Total ICT Solution to global customers.