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FX One Limited

NTT Communications Expands Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Global Reach with arrownet-Global to Hong Kong



Provided Service

Ethernet Leased Line service and ultra-low latency cable systems

Service Period

Since 2013


Select the right network partner to expand investor pool outside Japan without compromising promise on low latency and high reliability

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) is one of the leading global exchanges and the largest securities market in the Asia-Pacific region. TSE is best known for its equities market, valued at US$3.88 trillion (JPY 365 trillion) as of the end of March 2013. It also boasts the largest market for Japanese securities derivatives such as Japanese Government Bond (JGB) and TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index) futures. In January 2013, TSE and Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) were merged into Japan Exchange Group, the holding company of TSE and OSE.


  • Expand the exchange’s investor pool via the extension of arrownet service to Financial Service Institutions (FSIs) outside Japan, without compromising its promise on low latency and reliability
  • Partner with a global network service provider who continually looks to offer the lowest latency, highest reliability, optimal capacity as well as strong global support and proven FSI experience.


NTT Communications was eventually selected as the first partner to launch arrownet-Global in Hong Kong. The network service will employ NTT Communications’ end-to-end Ethernet Leased Line service to offer:

  • Ultra-low Latency Connectivity

    The service will ride on NTT Communications’ new Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) cable system that connects key financial hubs in Asia through the shortest possible route. This ASE cable system boasts industry leading network latency of less than 43 milliseconds from Hong Kong to Tokyo and less than 64 milliseconds from Singapore to Tokyo. The connectivity can be further extended to the US via NTT Communications’ Pacific Crossing (PC-1), which offers the shortest possible route between the US and Japan.

  • Proximity Data Centres

    Latency can be further optimized by co-locating the clients’ systems at NTT Communications’ new Financial Data Centre (FDC™) in Hong Kong, where the ASE cable landing station and NTT Communications' global network node are located. In addition, with the proximity data centres in Singapore and Tokyo, inter-data centre, rack-to-rack connections can be established in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, offering further benefits for FSIs with strategic business hubs in these locations.

  • One-Stop Service

    NTT Communications provides an end-to-end network solution with its Ethernet Leased Line service, which connects the clients’ systems in Hong Kong all the way through to JPX Co-location (all) and TSE’s system in Tokyo. Clients will be able to enjoy one-stop services from ordering to network infrastructure design and maintenance with NTT Communications as the single contact point.


Leveraging NTT Communications’ Ethernet Leased Line service and ultra-low latency cable systems, including the ASE, the new connectivity offering will enable global FSIs in Hong Kong to directly access JPX Co-location (all), the new co-location service of Japan Exchange (JPX), and TSE’s systems for the first time.

Other advantages include:

  • Uninterrupted high-speed trading for FSIs outside Japan
  • High capacity caters to future bandwidth needs
  • Eases FSIs’ IT burden in managing multiple vendors
Mr. Yoshinori Suzuki, Senior Managing Director of Tokyo Stock Exchange commented, “arrownet-Global enables global investors in Asia and across the world to access the JPX market from outside of Japan more easily and effectively by realizing a seamless connection with arrownet via NTT Communications’ wide global coverage. I hope that straightforward access to the JPX market will strengthen the value of TSE’s IT infrastructure and boost the liquidity of the JPX market, so that JPX can achieve its corporate aim to become ‘the Most Preferred Exchange in the Asian Region’.”