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NTT Communications Corporation


NTT Global Forum in August to Forecast Future of Clouds and Data Centres

(Hong Kong – 5 Aug 2013) -- NTT Communications Corporation will offer Hong Kong IT decision makers a glimpse at the future of IT and real world benefits of deploying Clouds and Data Centres at the upcoming NTT Global Forum to be held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on 21 August 2013. Entitled “What’s next for Cloud and Data Centre? The latest solutions to achieve the highest performance”, the event will unearth expert insights and share real-world experiences on achieving business efficiency and agility.

The NTT Global Forum is a series of annual events held across key cities globally organized by NTT Communications. This year, it was successfully launched in Paris in June, which has built a strong foundation for its Hong Kong forum. The event seeks to bring NTT Communications and industry thought leaders closer to the IT decision makers. Key issues to be discussed include managing hybrid IT environment, benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) technology on cloud, the Internet of Things and more. Each presentation will offer real-world answers to address IT decision makers’ concerns, and also provide a benchmark for enterprises in selecting their service providers.

“While cloud and data centre is becoming common commodities in many enterprises’ master IT plan, the question is no longer to be or not to be. It’s now about how to get the best value out of them to enhance operation efficiency and business growth” said Mr. Takanobu Maeda, President and CEO, NTT Com Asia. “The NTT Global Forum will provide an ideal platform for industry professionals to experience our vision and solutions, and enabling them to understand the competitive advantages of choosing the right service provider. We see our success in our customers and this global initiative brings us closer to our customers.”

Keynote speakers and their respective presentation topics include:

  • Mr. Akira Arima, President & CEO, NTT Communications
    "NTT Communications Global Cloud Vision 2013"
  • Mr. Taylor Man, Executive Vice President, Cloud Business Division, NTT Com Asia
    "Globalize your Cloud with Innovative SDN Technology"
  • Mr. Steven So, Vice President, Data Centre Business, Cloud Business Division, NTT Com Asia
    "How Can Your Business Realize Benefits from an Efficient Data Centre"
  • Mr. Patrick Ng, Executive Vice President, Global Network Business Division, NTT Com Asia
    "The Internet of Things Change the Next Generation of Enterprise Network"
  • Mr. William Yeack, President, Asia Pacific, NTT Com Security
    "Restoring the Asymmetrical Advantage"
  • Mr. Claus Mortensen, Director, Emerging Technology Research, IDC Asia Pacific
    "The Future is Hybrid - and I mean Cloud, Not Cars"

Guest speaker of the Forum, Mr. Claus Mortensen, Director, Emerging Technology Research of IDC Asia Pacific, will examine how future hybrid IT environment will come to challenge decision makers and business implications. Commenting on cloud, he said, “Today, cloud technology and services are central to the IT service delivery plans of most organizations. Cloud technologies and services will not exist on a discrete basis, but will be integrated into every facet of business service delivery.”

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