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NTT Com Asia EnterpriseCloud Suite to Support Business in Asia with Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Solution

Promised Agility, Scalability and Cost Effectiveness of Cloud to Empower Enterprises’ IT Infrastructure

(Hong Kong – 2 November 2011) NTT Com Asia Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, announced the availability of EnterpriseCloud, a suite of enterprise-grade cloud hosting solutions ranging from cost effective public cloud, highly secured private cloud to customized hybrid cloud services, all tailored to address enterprises’ stringent needs on security, stability and network performance. Leveraging on its global network connectivity, world-class data centres and business resumption centre, NTT Com Asia EnterpriseCloud is optimised to deliver a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective cloud-based enterprise solution which helps facilitate Disaster Recovery (DR) implementation.

Traditional DR solutions require enterprises to duplicate the entire IT infrastructure in two or more remote data centres, which not only involves extensive resources in facility management and implementation, but is also a complicated recovery process in the event of disaster. NTT Com Asia EnterpriseCloud enables a cloud-based DR solution that allows enterprises to operate a secondary disaster recovery site in the cloud with highly redundant and scalable resources, which is backed by the robust IT infrastructure of NTT Com Asia.

Compared with traditional DR solutions, cloud-based solutions allow for more efficient and reduced down time to address any enterprise’s business continuity needs. One of the hurdles of investing in a DR solution is the long period of “stand-by” costs in maintaining the physical backup facilities. With NTT Com Asia’s "pay-as-you-go” pricing model and elastic scaling features, enterprises can deploy replicated servers on the cloud platform and will only be charged on the storage usage until additional compute resources are activated when an outage occurs. Thus greatly minimises upfront investment and TCO.

“With our extensive experience working with enterprises in Asia, we understand that security, reliability, quality service and cost control are prime considerations in cloud deployment,” said Mr. Taylor Man, Executive Vice President, New Business Division of NTT Com Asia.“

“We believe the DR solution will become a popular entry service to introduce cloud-based solutions to enterprises in Asia and beyond. As a trusted cloud partner, our global network connectivity and premium data centre footprint worldwide enable us to deliver end-to-end service commitments, which are compelling advantages that set us apart from other industry players,.” said Mr. Man.

With the anticipated growth and potential of cloud technologies, organizations in both public and private sectors are already taking steps to integrate cloud-based services into their IT infrastructure. In Hong Kong, the government announced in March this year plans to roll out a new pan-government IT strategy with an emphasis on cloud computing. It is estimated that HK$200-300 million will be spent over the next 3 years on major cloud initiatives such as virtualised infrastructure and facilities for paper-less meetings in selected government departments. This supports the increasing trend for cloud services to gain popularity very rapidly among enterprises in the near future.

In line with this trend, NTT Com Asia EnterpriseCloud’s industry leading service level agreements and high resiliency, in addition to managed security and monitoring services, are aimed at allaying many of the availability and security considerations that enterprises have over cloud deployment.

The EnterpriseCloud series comprise Virtual Desktop, Virtual Infrastructure and Virtual Server Hosting services, with public, private and hybrid cloud platforms for selection. The full suite of premium hosting solutions features high flexibility, rapid deployment and prompt implementation with online management tools to support business initiatives at any scale. With over ten years’ experience in the hosting business, NTT Com Asia EnterpriseCloud extends seamless cloud solutions of NTT Communications both locally and across Asia. For further information on NTT Com Asia EnterpriseCloud, please visit:

For enquiries, please contact us.