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NTT Com Asia Acquires APTT to Expand Data Centre Services in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong, October 3, 2008) – NTT Com Asia (NTT CA), Asia’s operation arm of NTT Communications, announced the company has wholly acquired APT Satellite Telecommunications Limited (APTT) from Skywork Corporation and Singasat Pte Limited in Hong Kong, aiming to expand the company's data centre business in the region.

NTT CA has been offering data centre services in Hong Kong since 2001.  The acquisition of APTT, the owner of a dedicated data centre building in Tai Po, enables NTT CA to enhance its capability in offering high quality data centre services in large scale.  This data centre will help meet the growing demand for data centre services in the Greater China market.   

According to standards established by the U.S. Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and The Uptime Institute, this data centre is a Tier 3 equivalent facility capable of concurrently maintaining infrastructure without a single point of failure. For risk diversification, the facility uses infrastructures from multiple sources including networks from multiple telecommunication carriers and electricity from different substations to realize completely redundant systems for commercial power supply, air conditioning, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), and power generation and distribution.