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イベント & プロモーション

NTT Communications participated in the largest cloud event in Seoul

Date 3-4 September 2014 (Wednesday - Thursday)
Event Highlights

NTT Communications is further strengthening its presence and promoting its global cloud vision in East Asia to address the growing market needs in the region. As a kick-start, the company has participated in the Smart Cloud Show in Seoul, one of the largest cloud event in Korea, on 3-4 September 2014. Themed “Connected Learning in the Cloud”, the event invited innovative leaders of the IT industry around the world to discuss the latest cloud technology trends, and attracted hundreds of delegates to participate.

At the event Brandon Lee, Chief Strategy Officer of NTT Com Asia discussed how cloud can be the world changer with other industry experts including Head, Cloud Platform of Asia-Pacific of Google, Director of Microsoft Korea, and the Vice President of Hancom . NTT Communications also demonstrated its advanced virtual desktop solutions at the exhibition.

Brandon Lee, Chief Strategy Officer of NTT Com Asia discussed the evolution of the Cloud, and shared how the latest technologies can help enterprises transform their business and generate values with other industry experts.  NTT Communications’ Korean Team showcased the company innovative technologies in the Exhibition.