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Business Platform

The retail landscape is changing. Retailers need to embark on a scalable, flexible and targeted approach to deliver increasingly personalized retail experiences and connect with their customers.


NTT Communications Connected Business Platform provides Integrated Omni-channel Digital Marketing Resources designed for retailers, brand owners, advertisers and shopping mall operators to speedily reach their customers with dynamic marketing tactics and a seamless online-to-offline (O2O) journey with personalized consumer experience to drive business transactions.


Features and Benefits

Connected Business Strategy
Key Features & Benefits
The Future of Connected Business Strategy

In the digital era, a Connected Business Strategy for brands and retailers is about linking all the multiple touch-points of consumer journey to deliver a seamless customer experience, both physically and virtually. The key to a successful strategy lies with how well you know your customers, and how fast you could respond to the changing consumer demands by creating personalized experiences that encompass a diverse range of marketing channels to achieve your business goals.

Innovative Resource-Driven Approach

We understand that at each stage of the consumer journey, customers’ needs will be different which makes it extremely challenging for brands and marketers to deploy effective targeted marketing strategies. That’s why we believe it is important that our Connected Business Platform is built in with the right Core Resource Modules that allow you to readily deploy throughout the customer engagement lifecycle.

Our vision is to empower you at all customer touch points, from Building Awareness, Driving Engagement and Transaction, to Nurturing Loyalty and Drawing Data Insights, with advanced end-to-end technology solutions that make your products and services sell in the market.

The platform is fully backed by NTT Communications’ leading ICT infrastructures to safeguard your critical customer data and ensure platform reliability

Learn more about the Key Features of our Connected Business Platform

Empower Your Customer Journey Lifecycle

As a leading global technology provider, NTT Communications understands the need for a total retail solution and well-connected ecosystem that leverage the best of our ICT infrastructures to give a secured and reliable answer to your challenge.

With Connected Business Platform, you can:


Improve customer satisfaction

with personalized experience and customized offers


Better understand customer behavior

with the help of big data visualization and artificial intelligence


Increase sales conversion

through seamless omni-channel and interactive experience


Gain unified view of the customers

for targeting and optimizing marketing spend


Reduce costs & improve efficiency

by subscribing the required modules to improve speed-to-market


Quickly roll out campaigns and promotions

to capture market opportunities

Choose Your Digital Marketing Resources

The solution is ideal for Brands, Retailers, Advertisers, Community Owners and Shopping Mall Operators with 6 Core Resource Modules targeting different business needs.

Multi-channel & Multi-device Engagement

Facilitate multi-device engagement by making seamless integration across devices, and target customers on the best performing channels from online, social, physical stores to outdoor media

Total e-Commerce

Enable your customers to search, browse, add to cart, purchase with SEO-friendly e-Commerce platform - tailored with optimized user experience driving for conversion


Re-target & engage your target customers with end-to-end content, channel and campaign management modules

Payment & Transaction

Readily support global and domestic payment gateways, with mWallet and China cross-border payment capabilities

Coupon Management

Provide complete and effective Coupon Lifecycle Management including creation, issue, distribution to redemption

Data Visualization & Intelligent Based Recommendation

Built with big data analytics and advanced machine learning recommendation capability to enable business partners to make informed & timely decisions on best marketing channels to invest

Interested to Transform
Your Retail Strategy?

Talk to our solution expert to learn how to leverage our Connected Business Platform to maximize ROI and better engage your customers.

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