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Video Analytics
Cloud Solution

In today’s lightning-fast marketplace, retailers are racing the clock every day to understand and respond to customers’ demand with increasing speed and agility.

Powered by Canon Hongkong and NTT Communications, the new Video Analytics Cloud Solution captures and delivers business intelligence to retailers on a single platform, in real time with exceptional visibility, reliability and security.

Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Model

Running on an OPEX model which reduces upfront investment cost of equipment and data storage

Streamlined & Centralized Deployment

Access real-time reports and insights anytime anywhere on the cloud with a single pane view for big data analysis

Reducing Complexity for Innovations

Hybrid cloud solution tailored for enterprises with more sophisticated IT environment

Reliable, Secure & Agile

Hosted in NTT Communications’ top tier secure data centers, providing the highest level of reliability, stability and security

Features and Benefits

About the Solution
Video Analytics Applications
Partnership of Global Leaders

The Video Analytics Cloud Solution combines the best-in-class technologies of two global leaders - Canon’s advanced network camera technology and video analytics software, and NTT Communications’ robust and secure Enterprise Cloud services, to capture and deliver a high volume of business intelligence on a single platform, in real time with exceptional visibility, reliability and security. 

Business Intelligence on a Single Platform As and When Needed

The Video Analytics Cloud Solution addresses the needs of Hong Kong’s retail industry, including department stores, luxury retail outlets, food & beverages chains, shopping malls and property management.

The Canon network videos built-in with the latest developed video analytics — people counting, age and gender detection, and heat mapping — will deliver real-time intelligence on consumer behavior gathered across customer interaction touchpoints, and presented with easy-to-read reports in a single panel. All its data is hosted on NTT Com’s highly secure cloud and data center infrastructure in Hong Kong, and available through desktop and mobile devices.

The Solution allows retail brands and department stores with centralized management and single- or multi-site shops to make timely decisions about dynamic staffing, hot products display and customized marketing campaigns to enhance customer experience on sales floors, which will lead to greater operation efficiencies and strategic planning and will drive revenue growth.

A Reliable, Secured and Agile Solution Delivered on the Cloud

The Solution is offered as a pay-as-you-go cloud solution, which reduces upfront investment costs as well as the total cost of ownership of IT equipment and data storage, and allows more flexible resource management to align with changing market conditions. This total managed solution from Canon and NTT Com will provide retailers with end-to-end service and support - from infrastructure, installation and deployment, analytic applications and software, to on-going support and troubleshooting.

Real-Time Data Analysis by Advance Video Analytics Applications

Live videos/ images from Canon’s network cameras will then be inputted to the latest developed video analytics software as follows:

People Counter
People Counter solution coverts highly accurate numbers to valuable business metrics applicable to various sales & marketing strategies.

The People Counter solution can analyze up to approximately 1,600 people in a specified area in a full HD video. Up to 7,000 people can be analyzed in a specified area in a 4K still image. The Passer-by Counter counts the number of people crossing a specified area in same or opposite directions within the video. This highly accurate numbers can be used to compare directly with sales performance for frontline business and further facilitate the development of various sales & marketing strategies.

Face Recognition
An intelligent facial analysis application improves business planning through identification of different biometrics. The Face Recognition solution analyzes customers’ age group, gender, race distribution and ethnicity based on the fine and highly detailed images or videos captured by Canon’s network cameras. These data enables business to figure out the demographic distribution, hence, give a proper customer profile analysis. It also supports in-depth study to better understand the customer segmentation level.

The Face Recognition solution also recognizes registered VIP/black list members instantly and allows business to create tailor-made service for VIPs. This solution, which helps enhancing the overall customer service, is mostly beneficial to luxury brands and five-star hotels.

Heatmap Analysis
Heat-mapping solution offers an automated statistical analysis to present traffic volumes and movement trends, extracting informative operational data from videos.

The solution allows malls and real estate developers to identify the traffic volumes of different zones, understand zone popularity, especially the most people-intensive area and to further attain rent optimization or resource allocation. Malls and real estate developers can take further action to drive traffic to less visited areas. For retail shops, the heat-mapping solution provides an insight on peak hour or peak season occupancy as well as people visiting habit, enabling better manpower arrangement and resource allocation.

With the support of heat-mapping, fast food chains can have better queue and dwell time management and enhance customer service level.

Centralized Management Platform with Intelligent Dashboard

With the support of Milestone System, a world-leading provider of open-platform video management software, enterprises can have real-time viewing of various video analytic solutions and updated information through an all-in-one dashboard, providing easy-to-read analytics report that facilitates decision making.

Canon Video Analytics Solution

An intelligent video system built upon a robust architecture

NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud is tailored to be the power engine for the video analytics cloud solution

Video Analytics Cloud Solution

Quick facts about the Video Analytics Cloud Solution

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