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Hybrid Cloud Resilience Solution

Enterprises are trying every means to keep their business running against the threat of potential disruptions. To improve infrastructure flexibility and efficiency, enterprises are deploying hybrid model with a combination of public and private clouds to accelerate business resilience, as well as meeting compliance needs.


Powered by NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud and Microsoft Azure, the Hybrid Cloud Resilience Solution integrates the unique strengths of the two world-trusted technology leaders. The flexible combination of resource models offer best-in-class orchestration for you to manage and deploy the entire ICT infrastructure to fit unique corporate environment and security requirements.

Perfect Cloud Match

Practical & scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure offered by NTT Communications and Microsoft

Secured Data Connection

Security is guaranteed as private connection is established via Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoute secure tunnel

Simplicity and Cost-efficiency

Build resilience without the cost and complexity of managing separate infrastructure & network resources with NTT Communications offering single management of the hybrid cloud solution

Features and Benefits

The Partnership
Features & Benefits
Partnership of Two Leading Technology Providers

The solution is built on a partnership between NTT Communications and Microsoft, which are both leaders in their arenas. The partnership will create a synergy and provide enterprise customers with the highest level of credibility and reliability.

Leveraging the best services of both worlds, the Hybrid Cloud Resilience Solution offers flexible and economical options for storing and accessing data while enhancing overall business agility, by taking on the right cloud mix:

  • A reliable, flexible and cost effective data resilience solution by having the private and public cloud of the two leading providers backing up each other
  • Higher level of security is achieved with NTT Communications’ top notch private cloud, private network, secure data center, as well as Azure ExpressRoute secure tunnel connecting to Microsoft public cloud.
  • Leveraging the Software-defined feature of NTT Communications’ Enterprise Cloud to integrate your entire ICT infrastructure seamlessly, and migration to cloud-native environment.
  • Enhance scalability with the enormous data storage capability available by the two leading providers. The speed of data processing and stability can also be enhanced by direct connecting the two clouds through Azure ExpressRoute.
  • With NTT Communications as the single point, enterprise customers can create a hybrid environment for different IT needs without the hassle to manage multiple service providers.

The Hybrid Cloud Resilience Solution is ideal for enterprises who are digitally transforming their mission-critical business in a cloud first, mobile first world.

Built on the foundation of NTT Communications’ private cloud platform, data center and network infrastructure, customers can run performance-driven applications and store sensitive data on private cloud to support their core operations, while seamlessly extend applications and data to Microsoft Azure’s innovative platform-as-a-service in Hong Kong and globally.

Hybrid Ecosystem Connected via Secure ExpressRoute
  • The Hybrid Cloud Resilience Solution is realized by the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute which provides a private, secure and dedicated connection between Azure public cloud and NTT Communications’ Enterprise Cloud and IT infrastructure in Hong Kong.
  • Without the need to go through public internet, it offers the reliability, speed and low-latency required for enterprises’ mission critical applications and highly secured IT environment.
  • The ExpressRoute serves as the bridge to connect NTT Communications’ clients of private cloud, hosting and colocation in Hong Kong with Microsoft Azure public cloud seamlessly, creating a hybrid IT ecosystem that is centrally managed by NTT Communications. IT infrastructures could be orchestrated within this hybrid IT environment for better performance and efficiency. It can also further connected to clients’ overseas data hub via NTT Communications global network services.
Backed by NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud

The Solution leverages on NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud, which enables highly flexible combination of resource models for you to manage and deploy the entire ICT infrastructure.

  • With technologies enhanced in 2016, it supports enterprise transformation journey as a comprehensive platform for both traditional and cloud-native ICT.
  • Backed by NTT Communications global data centers and network connectivity, it enables customers to seamlessly integrate hosted private, public, multi-tenant and third-party clouds with SDN agile connectivity between different platforms.
  • It offers a Cloud Management Platform to give full visibility and governance, and also include dedicated bare-metal servers with options for multi-hypervisor environments, including VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • This service is ideal for clients looking to build globally seamless hybrid cloud systems that span locations with highly scalable, enterprise-class cloud service, and flexible resource models.

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