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Enterprise Mobility

Virtual Desktop in Enterprise Hosting services offers a one-stop remote desktop solution that enables access to your office desktop on a virtual PC environment. Offering a wide variety of bundled offer packages with options of a dedicated or shared platform, public or private network, enterprises can customise the solution that will best meet your business needs.

Build a Mobile Workforce

Our desktop virtualization solution help meet the demands for increasingly mobile workforce, while maintaining a high level of information security

Connectivity at Anytime, Anywhere

With Virtual Desktop, both data and applications are centralised and housed in our secure global data centres, and users can connect to a virtual PC environment via any internet-connected remote PC anytime, anywhere

Business Continuity

Along with various cloud benefits, enterprises can also enjoy streamlined IT provisioning, maintenance and backup, addressing the needs for business continuity

Learn more about our mobility solutions for enterprise now!

Features & Benefits

Key Features
1. Agility, Scalability and Cost Effectiveness of Cloud
  • Our core concepts of cloud are “elastic scaling” and “pay-as-you-go”. The application of these concepts changes the practice of buying and owning IT resources like network, hardware, operational resources and applications, to that of just paying for the usage of such resources. Customers simply use the resources, scaling up / down anytime on-demand, and paying for what they actually use. The tasks and capital costs that come with investing, possessing, maintaining and managing IT resources and equipment are totally passed on to the service provider
2. Increase Mobility and Accessibility
  • Users can gain on demand access to their virtual desktops anytime and anywhere with their thin clients or mobile devices, bringing increased mobility benefits to the workforce
3. High Level of Security
  • With Virtual Desktop, company data is encrypted and centralised on a well managed infrastructure housed in NTT Communications’ highly secure data centre. Remote users can access office data with any mobile PC or thin client through multiple authentications. They will no longer need to carry physical files with them, hence minimising the risk of information leakage and exposure to virus and malware
4. Increased Manageability
  • Virtual Desktop can reduce provisioning time to any location dramatically, achieving maximum efficiency when deploying new PCs to offices without geographical restrictions
  • All updates, data backup and patching can be done centrally; your user portal enables self administration, online monitoring and troubleshooting management, thereby increasing the level of manageability you have
5. Business Continuity
  • Data can be backed-up centrally and the auto-failover capability protects against hardware failure. In the event of disasters, business operations can be resumed immediately from any location
6. Riding on NTT Communications’ Tier 1 IP Backbone
  • Equipped with HKNet Dedicated Internet Access vIP-Net that is powered by NTT Communications Tier 1 Global IP backbone allows you to enjoy exceptionally speedy and stable connection
7. Multi-language Operating System Support
  • A multi-language operating system is supported on the single cloud platform. Multinational companies can select different languages for their OS

Require a Dynamic Hosting Platform?

We offer high performance, reliable and scalable hosting solutions for enterprise.

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