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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting in our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) series is a highly available, scalable and flexible service that offers our premium IT infrastructure on a subscription model. It allows customers to leverage our dedicated server hosting platform and Tier III+ world class data center, with a wide range of hardware device and operating system options. Meanwhile, our certified professional team provides one-stop managed services from building, testing, deploying, to managing the dedicated server hosting platform for our customers.

Enhance Elasticity and Efficiency

Unmatched elasticity in IT infrastructure design enhances efficiency & cost-effectiveness of your operations

Minimize Capital Investment

Customers can flexibly customise their infrastructure configuration and quickly respond to ever-changing business needs

World Class Facility & IP Backbone

Backed by NTT Communications award-winning data center and global IP Backbone to offer top-notch performance

Features & Benefits

Key Features
1. Scalable and Flexible Dedicated Devices
  • We provide a full range of dedicated devices to meet your hosting requirements, including:

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting and server OS that enables customers to house applications and data

Dedicated Firewall

Rental firewall devices to protect our customers’ network from unauthorized access and to keep it secure and policy-compliant

Dedicated Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Comprehensive threat management solution service, which protects the company’s network against application and network threats, as a complement to existing solutions or as an all-in-one security gateway

Dedicated WAN Performance Acceleration (WPA)

Accelerate application and network performance across WAN by using WAN Optimization Controllers, and through the fine-tuning of protocols and prioritization of throughput improvement; without changing the current network setup

Dedicated Load Balancer

Managed server load balancing service that distributes workload across multiple servers

Dedicated Switch

Rental network switch to ensure LAN performance, reliability and security

Dedicated Router

Rental managed routers that manage network routing and provide support to WAN communications

2. Fast Deployment
  • Dedicated to provide quick solutions to serve your business needs, express delivery is available upon customer request
3. Tier III+ World Class Data Centre
  • Fully redundant Tier III+ data centre with ISO certifications on the backend, provide high level of security and 24x7 manpower support
4. Riding on NTT Communications' Tier 1 Global IP Backbone
  • Connected to vIP-Net powered by NTT Communications Tier I IP backbone, provide exceptionally fast and stable network connections
5. Full Hardware Support for Server Maintenance
  • Comprehensive support on hardware is provided with in-house spare parts fully available to enable express hardware replacement
6. Service Level
  • 24 x 7 configuration change request
  • 24 x 7 device availability monitoring
  • Hardware replacement upon failure
7. Professional Team
  • Our certified IT professionals have served over 10,000 corporate clients on hosting projects. Moreover, NTT Com Asia was selected as hosting provider for major events such as WTO MC6 Meeting, ITU 2006, and for the 2008 Olympic Games Equestrian Event. Our track record demonstrates the top-notch performance of our dedicated hosting services and the extensive experience of our team

Require a Dynamic Hosting Platform?

We offer high performance, reliable and scalable hosting solutions for enterprise.

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