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Hybrid Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud

Innovative and seamless

Our Enterprise Cloud service is an innovative, seamless and easy to manage private cloud solution


The first private cloud to deploy software defined networking (SDN), Enterprise Cloud has the flexibility to meet your business needs

Unparalleled global reach

Enterprise Cloud is built on the foundation of our global VPN and IP backbone networks and our secure global data centers

Features and Benefits

Enhanced Features
Common Features
Service Menu Overview
Data Center Locations

Globally Integrated

Build globally seamless hybrid cloud systems that span locations with our highly scalable, enterprise-class, Enterprise Cloud service. Enterprise Cloud combines hosted private, public, multi-tenant and third-party cloud infrastructures. Clouds can connect at Layer 2, using highly-secure software-defined networking (SDN) technology, and integrate with your on-premises infrastructure, creating a true hybrid cloud. This gives you the flexibility to locate compute resources close to important markets, or if data sovereignty is important, restrict deployment to your host country.

Enterprise Cloud is built on the foundation of our global VPN and IP backbone networks and our global premiere data centers. We offer a free, direct connection to our closed network and 10Gbps connectivity between global data centers and the cloud.


Cloud Migration

Our Enterprise Cloud solution is supported by advisory, migration, operations and management services to help you quickly deploy the most functional cloud infrastructure tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Enterprise Cloud hosted private cloud offers on-demand bare metal servers, multi-hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V) and agile network mapping to precisely reflect your on-premises network topology and configuration on our cloud service.


Enterprise Cloud supports rapid business innovation with a multi-tenant public cloud built on Openstack, the open-source cloud ecosystem. The platform is ideal for cloud-native agile development and DevOps, and incorporates Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for creating virtual private PaaS. Public clouds can connect securely to hosted private clouds and third-party clouds using SDN-enabled networking.

Cloud Management

Our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) offers efficient management, operational governance and orchestration of Enterprise Cloud and third-party cloud solutions. With CMP, you gain visibility into the full IT stack, including shadow IT, enabling greater control of traditional ICT and cloud-native ICT infrastructures. CMP provides cloud discovery and orchestration tools for use across all cloud platforms (on-premises, hosted private, bare metal, public and third-party, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure).


Global IT Partner

We understand that not everyone is at the same point in their migration to the cloud and that business goals vary from one organization to another. Enterprise Cloud gives you a state-of-the-art, highly adaptable virtual private cloud solution, with the features, geographic reach and world-class support you need from a global IT partner.

  • Globally distributed cloud data centers help you reach markets faster
  • Consultancy, architecture, security and support services get you up and running with your full-layer virtual private cloud
  • Innovative software defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and virtual servers give you maximum flexibility

Enterprise Cloud features:

  • Around the clock monitoring and management at Certified Engineering Centers (CECs) staffed by expert engineers
  • Direct, 24x7 access to support engineers (no tier-1 call agents)
  • Dedicated account management team to support you as your Enterprise Cloud needs grow


Enterprise Cloud helps you optimize costs through minimal resource contracts and pay-per-minute billing. This lets you instantly grow cloud capacity as demand increases and eliminates potential lost opportunities from a resource-constrained cloud.

  • Pay-per-minute compute resources 
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Optimize resources even after start of operations
  • Free VPN connecting cloud services


We created Enterprise Cloud with self-service simplicity in mind.

  • One customer portal to add, delete and manage all global resources, in real-time
  • One contract to streamline account management of your global cloud network
  • One SLA, promising 99.99 percent uptime

Globally integrate ICT systems and solve management issues

Enterprise Cloud Features


Virtual Server

  • Compute Resource:
  • Provides resources in the following units:
  • CPU:1GHz, Memory:1GB, HDD:50GB (guaranteed resource supply)
  • Customers may create as many VMs as required as long as resource usage is within contract amount.
  • Inter-conversion between VMs and templates is possible.
  • (Private Catalog contract is required for saving templates.)
  • Private Catalog:
  • Provide HDD space for storing VM templates. Customers can instantly create VMs using the private catalog.

Image Storage

  • Storage for template and ISO image

Block Storage

  • Flash Storage and Cloning

Internet Connectivity

  • Provides redundant internet connectivity. 100 Mbps best-effort and guaranteed bandwidth.
  • Purchase of Global IP Address is required.

VPN Connectivity

  • Creates an VPN gateway free of charge for customers using NTT Communications' global network backbone. Bandwidth of the application gateway is 100 Mbps best effort for free.

Colocation Connectivity

  • Inter-connection between Enterprise Cloud and NTT Com’s data center colocation rack in the same region(L2). First 1Gbps link is offered with free of charge.

Server Segment

  • First two segments are provided free of charge.
  • Charges incurred for the third segment and beyond.

Global IP Address

  • Available in the following units: 1 block: 4 Global IP addresses for vFirewall, 3 IP/11IP/27IP
  • Addresses for Integrated Network Appliance

Service Interconnectivity

  • Customers may connect external services to the Enterprise Cloud (e.g. Global File Backup).

vLoad Balancer

  • Workloads of computing resources are distributed across multiple servers.

Integrated Network Appliance

  • Virtual network appliance with which has Firewall, Load Balancing, and IPsec termination function. Customer can select one out of 4 service menus based on the performance and topology.
Security powered by WideAngle

UTM, WAF, Host Security, etc

Solution Package:

Oracle, MS-SQL Cluster


System image backup

Apps Service


  • HULFT, Acronis
Standard Monitoring and Operation
  • (1) Customer Helpdesk
  • Helpdesk service is available 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year by either telephone or e-mail.
  • (2) Customer Portal
  • The customer portal enables you to control resources and provides information about system outages and incident tickets.
  • (3) Service Monitoring
  • Service status, such as status of VMs/vFirewall/vLoad Balancer, can be monitored. Basic monitoring method used is "ping." Service Monitoring is enabled via the Customer Portal.
  • In order to apply for the monitoring service, setting through the customer portal is mandatory.
  • (4) Common Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Monitor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Respond to system issues.
SLA (Availability)


Enterprise Cloud Enhanced Features (available March 1st in Japan)


Hosted private Cloud (Bare Metal)

  • High-performance physical server provisioned by on-demand basis with customer portal/API. Suitable for performance-sensitive database system, license applied for physical servers, etc. Baremetal server can also be used as "hosted private cloud", single-tenanted, dedicated virtualized environment. Please see "Solution Package" of "New Enhanced Feature".

Hosted Private Cloud (Multi-hypervisor environment)

  • Reliable hosted private cloud, compatible with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Multi-Tenant Cloud

  • Competitively priced shared cloud based on OpenStack.

Image data storage

  • Storage for disk images.

Block Storage

  • External storage for connection with servers

Internet connection

  • Connections to Internet and global IP addresses, either best-effort or reserved-bandwidth. 

VPN connection

  • Connections to NTT Com’s VPN service.

Remote data center connection

  • Layer 3 connection between remote data centers.

Colocation connection

  • Layer 2 connection between Enterprise Cloud and nearby colocation data center.

Enterprise Cloud connection

  • Layer 2 connection between nearby Enterprise Clouds.

Logical network

  • Network to connect multiple equipment via Layer 2 connection.


  • Firewall via software appliance in virtual server.
Solution Package


  • Dedicated private Microsoft virtual environment (Hyper-V / System Center)

Cloud Management Platform

  • Portal site for unified management of multiple cloud platforms, including those of other companies.


  • Monitoring of various resources.


  • Support for inquiries and accidents.
App Service


  • Application Dev/Ops environment provided in the multi-tenant cloud.

End-to-End Business Resilience with Hybrid Cloud

Powered by NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud, Microsoft Azure and ExpressRoute

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