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Vantis Consulting Group

Deploying Solid Foundation for Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Service: Enterprise Cloud


Deploy the right cloud infrastructure to host cloud-ready business applications on the SaaS Marketplace


Hosted cloud storage backed by NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud


Robust and scalable infrastructure supports Vantis' regional ambitions and deployment to meet enterprise needs for SaaS applications


Vantis Consulting Group

Business Director

Dr. Rocky Lam


“With the backing of its global infrastructure, NTT Communications’ Enterprise Cloud provides a strong foundation for the Enterprise Cloud Marketplace. It also gives confidence to our customers to focus on the core business without having to worry about IT.”



Driving Digital Aspirations with Reliable Infrastructure

Vantis Consulting Group (Vantis) knows the value of cloud being a key enabler of digital transformation for Hong Kong enterprises. As a business, strategy and technology consulting firm in the Asia Pacific Region, the company sees many businesses transforming their internal IT infrastructure to become cloud-first.

“Many Hong Kong enterprises, especially small to medium size companies, are stretched on internal IT resources and would like to leverage the benefits of the cloud to digitize their business to address market needs,” said Dr. Rocky Lam, Business Director, Vantis.

“The advantages are obvious: infrastructure flexibility, better cost-efficiency, improved resource allocation, and the ability to maximize new business trends and opportunities faster. These have made cloud a business necessity, with many looking to go on board.”

Seeing the gap in available mission-critical, cloud-ready applications, the company wants to add additional flexibility and fuel cloud adoption growth by providing an Enterprise Cloud Marketplace, which offers a single destination for Hong Kong enterprises to choose and subscribe key SaaS applications to run their business.

“Enterprises, both larger and small, need a service provider to offer a reliable and flexible cloud infrastructure, while being able to offer a range of other services like multi-cloud, inter-cloud connectivity, security, and professional 24/7 helpdesk support. That’s why we have partnered with NTT Communications to leverage their leading cloud infrastructure to back up the Enterprise Cloud Marketplace,” said Dr. Lam.


Maximizing the Cloud Advantage with the Right Platform

While being robust, secure and highly scalable, Enterprise Cloud gives Vantis a simple and flexible solution to host SaaS Applications on the Marketplace.

Flexible offerings: Seamless integration with hosted private cloud (dedicated and bare-metal servers running VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V) and multi-tenant cloud (based on OpenStack) with an agile SDN-enabled network. The breadth of service allows Vantis customers offers customers the flexibility to choose how they want to migrate to the cloud, whether it is Physical to Virtual (P2V), Virtual to Virtual (V2V) or data only.

Enhanced management: A single portal, contract, and SLA simplifies contractual obligations and management. The platform also allows Vantis to manage multiple cloud environments (including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) easily.

Designed for mission-critical: Riding on NTT Communications’ global data center, Enterprise Cloud ensures there is no single point of failure, which assures Vantis and their customers’ mission-critical applications remain highly available. It also allows Vantis to meet the requirements of latency-sensitive applications that are becoming increasingly important, while supporting in-memory processing for resource-intensive applications like SAP HANA.

Free regional data connectivity: Enterprise Cloud is built on the foundation of global VPN and IP backbone networks and our global premiere data centers. Vantis can enjoy the free, direct connection to NTT Communications’ closed network and 10Gbps connectivity between global data centers and the cloud to meet needs for regional deployment.

Superior support: Strong support from NTT Communications and its partner reduces Vantis' need to employ additional manpower to monitor the infrastructure regularly.


Laying the Foundation For Regional Ambitions

NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud puts Vantis in control of their cloud infrastructure. As an enterprise solutions partner, the company can quickly deploy cloud-ready applications onto the platform without having to worry about scalability, security or availability. The robust design and strong inter-cloud connectivity allows the company to host leading-edge solutions that are more resource-intensive.

The main benefactors will be Vantis' customers. They can choose how they want to begin their digital transformation journey on the cloud, making it easier for Vantis to on board new users. Whether it is co-locating servers, migrating applications or just storing data, Enterprise Cloud's software-defined networking (SDN) design allows smooth and cost-effective migration.

The 10 Gbps inter-Data Center connectivity is an additional plus for customers, especially for those working with mission-critical applications and are worried about the different local data privacy regulations. As they expand their operations across the region, the free connectivity allows them to extend the same applications. It also ensures that the applications and data can meet local compliance & regulations for data residence.

More importantly, the service enables Vantis to roll out new applications based on their customer needs quickly. It means the company can tap into opportunities timely, while setting the foundation for their regional ambitions.

“With the backing of its global infrastructure, NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud provides a strong foundation for the Enterprise Cloud Marketplace. It also gives confidence to our customers to focus on the core business without having to worry about IT,” said Dr. Lam.


Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud is a Private Cloud Service that customers have come to expect from a telecommunications carrier, in cooperation with Data Centers, Networks and Servers. NTT Communications provides the IT environment applicable to the core business, with flexible resource provision and variety of options that meet the customer's demand.


Company Profile

Name: Vantis Consulting Group

Vantis Consulting Group provides end-to-end business solutions and training services throughout Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan and other Asia-Pacific regions. The company offers comprehensive implementation services for leading business solutions to help customers to become more competitive. It also offers a host of solutions and services to help customers to become cloud-ready. 


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