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Moritex Corporation

Integrated IT Infrastructure Solution Connecting Optical Technology Manufacturer’s Global Businesses


To build a robust and secure IT infrastructure that strengthened communications among the company’s businesses in Japan, China and the US


Using Hong Kong as the data hub, NTT Communications offered an integrated IT infrastructure solution that bundled Arcstar Universal One MPLS IP-VPN global network, vIP-Net dedicated internet access and Hong Kong Financial Data Center (FDC)


Optimized the performance of Moritex’s communications platform by locating its data hub in Hong Kong
Highly reliable network and data center infrastructure created a robust and always-on communication platform with 24x7 round-the-clock technical support
Total solution approach from a single provider offered simplified infrastructure design and reduced the hassle to manage multiple vendors


Moritex Corporation

IT Global Manager / C.I.O,

Wilan Chen


"With our increasingly globalized business, we needed a partner who offered not just an extensive global network that covered China, Asia and the US, while offering a one-stop destination for a full spectrum of ICT services. This would allow us to effectively build a regional communication platform and data hub that streamlined IT operations and achieved efficiency."


"While the global, high-performance Arcstar Universal One MPLS IP-VPN network offered us the competitive edge to expand easily and maximize new opportunities, the Hong Kong Financial Data Center gave us the confidence to store our critical business data with NTT Communications."


Building communication platform and data hub to support global business

As a leading supplier of lighting and imaging components and systems for machine vision, Moritex has a global footprint with headquarters and sales offices in Japan, manufacturing line in China, operations in the United States and Singapore, as well as affiliates and mobile workforce in the rest of the world. To establish seamless communications, there was a need to build a robust and secure communications infrastructure connecting all these regions efficiently from a strategic location.


Seamless communications infrastructure for secure and speedy connection

The solution featured NTT Communications Arcstar Universal One MPLS IP-VPN global network connecting Moritex’s headquarters and sales offices in Japan, manufacturing line in China, operations in the US, and its data hub at NTT Communications’ Tier IV ready Hong Kong Financial Data Center (FDC). The data hub was also connected with highly reliable and low latency vIP-Net dedicated internet access to ensure stable and speedy connection.



Streamlining operations with improved TCO for global business growth

The solution optimized the performance of Moritex’s communication platform by strategically locating its data hub in Hong Kong, one of the most connected cities in the world. Hong Kong is the communications gateway to China, and, at the same time, owns one of the best global network infr astructures in the world. This gave a competitive advantage for the company which required seamless communications between its manufacturing line in China and operations in other countries.

NTT Communications’ highly reliable and extensive global network services and dedicated internet access further enhanced the performance of Moritex’s communications platform with high speed, high availability, and 24x7 round-the-clock technical support to serve the needs of different operations in different time zones. Meanwhile FDC, with its Tier IV design and 100% uptime service level guarantee, offered the highest level of redundancy and security that Moritex needed to ensure its data hub is in safe and reliable hands.

The total solution approach also simplified the infrastructure design. By offering all the services from a single provider, it reduced the hassle of managing multiple vendors, like carriers in different regions and data center service providers. It allowed Moritex to streamline its operations and improve its overall total cost of ownership. Backed by prompt and professional services, it gave the industry leader in lighting and imaging components the clarity it needed to realize its global plans.


Arcstar Universal One

Arcstar Universal One is a new highly available broadband network that uses low latency submarine cable systems to let enterprises rapidly deploy reliable, low-cost, scalable cloud-based applications and data, across the globe.


Nexcenter, the next generation data center service from NTT Communications provides world-class quality and full support.


Company Profile

Name: Moritex Corporation

MORITEX develops and sells a diverse range of key devices and systems supporting high tech industries, using unique technologies in fields including optical fiber, machine vision, automated optical alignment, ball lenses, optical lenses and software as its core technologies.


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