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October 27, 2016

NTT Communications, Vantis and Microware Launch New Enterprise Cloud Marketplace in Hong Kong

Delivering Highly Secure, Agile and Reliable Business Applications
Backed by NTT Communications Cloud Infrastructure

Hong Kong, 27 Oct 2016 – NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within NTT Group (NYSE: NTT), is partnering with Vantis Consulting Group and Microware to launch Enterprise Cloud Marketplace in Hong Kong. Designed to deliver secured, reliable and cost-effective business applications, the Marketplace will help enterprises rapidly transform to a cloud-enabled environment.

With applications hosted on NTT Communications’ dedicated hybrid and private Enterprise Cloud infrastructure, customers will be able to enjoy exceptional application performance with high level of availability and security. The Marketplace will serve as a single destination through which a wide range of applications, such as ERP, HRMS, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and CRM, are delivered for enterprise needs.

“Cloud is a powerful enabler to help enterprises re-invent the way they do business.  We are excited with the launch of Enterprise Cloud Marketplace, which allows our customers to choose the right cloud applications that are fully backed by NTT Communications’ global infrastructure. We are also confident that by combining Vantis’ unique strength in end-to-end business applications and Microware’s professional IT services, we can help Hong Kong enterprises to be more competitive and start their transformation to the cloud,” said Theodoric Chan, Chief Commercial Officer, NTT Com Asia, East Asia Headquarters of NTT Communications.  

NTT Communications’ Enterprise Cloud offers a comprehensive platform for both traditional and cloud-native ICT that enables enterprise transformation journeys. Through NTT Communications’ global data centers and network connectivity, it seamlessly integrates with hosted private cloud (dedicated and bare-metal servers running VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V) and multi-tenant cloud (based on OpenStack), and supports co-location with SDN-based Layer2 network connectivity. Using this platform, businesses can enhance their infrastructure to support mission-critical applications that require a dedicated and reliable environment to meet performance and security requirements.

“Enterprise Cloud Marketplace is an important step forward for enterprises who want the flexibility and agility cloud applications offered with proven stability and security. By offering our mission-critical applications backed by NTT Communications’ top notch IT infrastructure, the Marketplace will help to drive the local adoption of a cloud-first model,” said Dr. Rocky Lam, Business Director, Vantis Consulting Group. 

Dedicated to providing end-to-end services, customers will be able to enjoy single customer touchpoint for subscription, consultation service, managed business continuity, helpdesk and support, offered by Microware.

“Microware brings over 20 years of building and supporting IT architectures for businesses in Hong Kong. We have witnessed the fast growing trend of cloud and the benefits it brought to our clients in reducing Total Cost of Ownership and increasing efficiency.  We are excited to be part of this collaboration and confident that the Enterprise Cloud Marketplace would allow us to offer optimized solution to our clients.” said Roy Fung, Director of Customer Service Group, Microware Limited.

All three companies will continue to improve the value proposition of Enterprise Cloud Marketplace by adding more features and applications over the next 18 months. 

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