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June 14, 2010

NTT Com Asia’s “ICT for the Future R&D Forum” Promotes mutual ties in trade and creative industries in Hong Kong and Japan

(Hong Kong – 14 Jun 2010) NTT Com Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, announced today that the ICT for the Future R&D Forum on 16 July will feature cutting-edge technologies that will enable industry leaders to remain resilient, yet be at the forefront of the latest technological trends.

The premier R&D event will cover topics related to the pursuit of Technologies for Human Life and Society, Technologies for Business;, Energy and Environment Technologies as well as Science, Engineering and Network Technologies.

In the theme of Technologies for Human Life and Society, the research covers Buru-Navi, a haptic direction navigator which gives out kinesthetic cues as stimuli. The technology can be used as indicator for the visually impaired and in mobile games for entertainment.

Technologies for Business include exhibits on the 4K Super High-Definition Video Transmission Technology - 4K Digital Camera and 4K Visual Communication. The complete synchronization of multi-4K video IP streaming systems enables real time and nuance-free videoconferencing experiences.

Energy and Environment Technologies will feature clean energy technologies such as the Walking Power Generator. Fluid-filled shoe soles will convert kinetic energy exerted during walking into electrical energy to power mobile devices such as musical players, mobile phones, GPS and LED lights.

Science, Engineering and Network Technologies will showcase hot items like the semiconductor nanowires fabricated using vapour-liquid-solid (VLS) methodology. This breakthrough technology will give rise to the next-generation nanoelectronic circuits and systems which will make the production of very tiny optical and electrical devices, such as nanolasers possible. It will also lead to a staggering improvement in efficiency of such photovoltaic devices as solar cells.

Mr. Takanobu Maeda, President and CEO of NTT Com Asia said, “In tandem with the growth of interest in the business sector, NTT Com Asia is pleased to showcase NTT’s cutting-edge technologies at the ICT for the Future R&D Forum in Hong Kong. It provides an active platform for exchanging views and promoting mutual ties between the different trade industries and the creative industries in Hong Kong and Japan. We eagerly look forward to these revolutionary initiatives sparking a profound change for a better environment tomorrow.”

Organized by NTT Com Asia, ICT for the Future R&D Forum will be held at the Hong Kong and Exhibition Centre in a month’s time and feature 20 exhibits from NTT R&D Centre. NTT has a rich history of technological achievement. Its R&D activities span a wide spectrum of initiatives that include quantum-related technology and optical devices that are several decades ahead in the future; also human information science and network technologies such as wireless access and the world’s first NGN (Next Generation Network), which has led the market since its commercial introduction in 2008.

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