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December 05, 2005

NTT Com Asia Sponsored The Hong Kong Ministerial Conference of WTO

(For Immediate Release, 12 December 2005) NTT Com Asia Limited (NTT CA) is proud to be the service sponsor of the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference of the WTO (13-18 December 2005). The Ministerial Conference is the highest authority in the WTO structure and it is surely our honor to sponsor the event to provide Backup Web Hosting Platform. NTT CA will offer total solution to HKSAR Government before, during and after the conference. Our solution includes Internet Bandwidth, Internet Data Centre, Web Servers, Firewall and IDS Monitoring (service valued around HK$1 million). We will ensure to offer a best possible secure Web hosting environment as a backup in case of emergency. This gives us a valuable opportunity to showcase our quality service and we really appreciate the Government to give us the chance to participate at this international event. Mr. Shoji Takahashi, President and CEO of NTT CA is delighted to the win-win partnership with the Government, we are honor to be one of the service sponsors of this important event, it gives us a golden opportunity to demonstrate our world-class services. He stresses that NTT CA is committed to provide high quality IP solution in the region and NTT CA will try its best efforts to contribute to the healthy development of Hong Kong. NTT CA is the wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications (NTT Com), providing full-ranged of Telecom-related services since 1995. Apart from introduced NTT Com's Arcstar and International Managed Network Services (IPBB) in Hong Kong, we also provide Commercial Broadband, Internet Data Centre, Security Solutions and Managed Services in the region. With its strategic geographical environment, favorable government policy and advance telecom infrastructure, Hong Kong becomes the second IT Hub in Asia and a business gateway to China. NTT is committed to develop business in Hong Kong, and will try our best to support Hong Kong. Our Shanghai Office and Hong Kong Office will work closely together to provide network, IT and IP services to the Great China region, to serve the increasing IT needs of our customers. In view of the promising growth opportunities followed by Beijing Olympics (2008) and the Shanghai World Expo (2010), we also intend to establish an NTT Group office in Beijing that will be the uniform point of contact for the Chinese government and Chinese businesses. By doing so, we will strengthen our efforts in this market as we work in unified collaboration with local Group subsidiaries.

About NTT Com Asia limited

NTT Com Asia Limited (NTT CA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) the global data, IP, voice service arm of the Fortune Global 500 telecom leader, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corporation (NYSE: NTT), provides full range of Telecom-related services in Hong Kong since 1995. With the full support of NTT and our strengthened partnerships in Asia, NTT CA can offer world-class International Managed network Services, Hosting Solutions, Systems Integration, Managed Services, Internet Data Centre and Security Solution to businesses.

With over 30 offices around the world and extensive network coverage reaching out to 200 countries and regions, NTT Com Group can offer Total IP Solution to global customers.

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