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August 18, 2008

NTT Com Asia Partners with HKIX For IPv6

Academic and Corporate Users to be the First to Experience the Renowned Technology

(Hong Kong – 18 August 2008) With more than a decade of developments and experiments, IPv6 usage is no longer a myth. Today, NTT Com Asia (NTT CA) and HKIX co-announced its technology partnership for the development of IPv6 network in the region. Commencing today till end of 2008, NTT CA shall provide HKIX members, including regional and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and mobile operators, with global IPv6 connectivity trial service.   The ISPs and mobile operators of the region will be able to connect to IPv6 enabled Internet including the official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (, which is estimated to reach over 1 million visitors during the Olympic period.  NTT CA and HKIX believe that the program will mark a milestone on IPv6 deployment and application.  In fact, IPv4 address space is soon to run out and the deployment of IPv6 is imperious. 

 “We are actively involving in Research & Development projects of IPv6 with academic institutions over these years. NTT Communications (NTT Com) is the pioneer in IPv6 development and is one of the key IPv6 connectivity service providers in the region.  We hope our partnership can facilitate the research & development of next generation Internet in the region, and to apply the technology into life usages,” Mr. Philip Leung, Managing Director of HKIX said.

NTT Communications (NTT Com) operates the world's largest tier one IP backbone, spanning Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. NTT Com offers IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack global IP Transit Service on this backbone, providing high quality connectivity for customers worldwide.  NTT Com Asia is also one of the first global carriers connecting to HKIX with IPv6.  

Mr. Masaaki Moribayashi, President & CEO of NTT Com Asia Limited is delighted with the partnership, “As Asia’s operation arm of NTT Com, NTT Com Asia strives to work with customers and partners to provide innovative technologies to create new communication value. IPv6 is reshaping the whole world with its technology refinement to enhance our life. We hope to increase the public awareness and appreciation of IPv6 technology through ongoing co-operation with HKIX and the communities.’

According to a 2006 March report entitled “Analysis and Recommendations on the Exhaustion of IPv4 Address Space” by Japan Network Information Center, IPv4 exhaustion may happen as quickly as January 2009. It is important for the community to get prepared for the next generation Internet.

* * *

About NTT Com Asia Limited

Established in 1999, NTT Com Asia Limited (NTT CA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) in Japan. As Asia’s operation arm of NTT Com, we are devoted our best efforts to become the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Solution Partner for enterprises by offering best-in-class global network services and full range of ICT services including Connectivity, Managed Services, Data Centre, Security, Hosting and Integrated Solutions, assisting customers to grasp the huge market potential in Asia Pacific region and to meet the business challenges in the age of ICT.

Please visit for more information.

About Hong Kong Internet Exchange

HKIX is one of the few world-class Internet exchanges in the world managed by a non- profit organization, i.e. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  HKIX takes pride in being carrier-neutral, and delivering the same reliable, quality services to all participants.  HKIX serves and helps major players as well as smaller ISPs and Internet-related services providers.

In over a decade of operations, HKIX has been serving hundreds of participants which are being benefited from faster, less expensive access to local and regional sites.  HKIX is also benefiting local Internet users by providing them with faster connectivity to local websites, content providers who are given fast access to local Internet users and enterprises to whom various services providers sell services and products.

For more details about HKIX, please go to its web site at

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