Operations Management


Global Management One provides one-stop, global, seamless management services for your entire IT environment and can extend to customer IT systems residing in NTT Communications Cloud environment, or housed in other NTT Data Center environments, as well as systems that are on customers' premises or in third party data centers. In addition to complete WAN and LAN network management, the service provides management services for cloud infrastructure, database, middleware and core business applications, as well as end user compute services.

Global Management One IT Consulting Services visualizes information of web application, high-precision data of network traffic, and abnormal traffic such as DDoS attack to prevent the issues and take measure for them.

Global Management One HelpDesk optimizes customer's business performance with Multilingual end-user support covering broad IT technologies.

NTT Com Asia’s premier Managed Services is a suite of solution-based premium services. Based on your specific requirements, we are able to customize a service package tailored to your needs, with round-the-clock personalized support by a dedicated team of professionals. Our experts will serve as your partners, providing you with proactive monitoring services to ensure your IT infrastructure is safe, secure and functioning. We use multi-faceted approaches in troubleshooting and provide one-stop services from day-to-day monitoring, vendor management, to all-in-one reporting.

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