Cloud Services

Disaster Recovery and the Public Cloud

Exclusive poll results of disaster recovery and cloud computing feature in this video.

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Enterprise Cloud Customer Portal

Introduction of NTT Communications’ Enterprise Cloud Customer Portal. Customer Portal enables customers to increase the efficiency of their information and communications technology (ICT) system operations by automating manual cloud configurations.

Volt Demonstration

NTT Communications developed the system called VOLT, which can design and test the network of SDN under the same conditions as actual environment.

Data Centre Services

NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Centre Virtual Tour Video

With the new NTT Communications’ Hong Kong Financial Data Centre (FDC), the hosting landscape for mission critical data in Asia has been transformed. Where enterprises once had to compromise on location, reliability, connectivity or security — they can now have them all. Right here in the heart of Hong Kong. Join our virtual journey to FDC to experience this tier IV ready infrastructure, which offers 100% uptime service level and unrivalled security measures to protect the mission-critical enterprise data assets.

NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Centre

NTT Communications Builds its First Financial Data Centre in Hong Kong

To be launched in 2013, NTT Communications’ Hong Kong Financial Data Centre (FDC) will stand out from the rest in the market with its Tier IV ready infrastructure, strategic proximity location and ultra-low latency network — all tailored to create a sophisticated and comprehensive solution to give financial services institutions the edge they need to succeed in the Asian market.

Singapore Serangoon Data Centre

Singapore Serangoon data centre is located in northeastern Singapore. The tier III+ data centre offers co-location, cloud services, NTT Communications’ global network services and other related services. Key features are specifically designed to cater to companies in the financial, information technology and manufacturing sectors. The data centre is connected directly to the Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE), NTT Communications’ new undersea cable offering high-speed, high-reliability network environment between Singapore and other Asian locations including Japan.

NTT Singapore

Singapore Serangoon Data Centre

NTT Communications' Singapore Serangoon Data Centre boasts IPv6-ready, low latency networks primed to support multinational corporate connections, as well as multiple green certifications for environmental excellence. Discover the ways NTT Communications' innovation cements its position as a global ICT partner and global business game-changer.

NTT Singapore

Malaysia Cyberjaya 3 Data Centre

Malaysia Cyberjaya 3 Data Centre started its operation on April 26, 2012. It is an ideal site for remote back-up and offshore site due to Malaysia's low electricity rates and stable infrastructure. An NTT Communications-operated annex building offers customers convenient on-site office space.


Tokyo No. 5 Data Centre

Tokyo No. 5 Data Centre, opened in 2011, is the cutting edge data centre featuring disaster prevention, outstanding location and advanced green information and communication technology (ICT) that NTT Communications is proud of.

NTT Communications Tokyo No. 6 Data Centre

Launched in April 2013, NTT Communications’ Tokyo No. 6 Data Centre is the largest scale-data centre in Tokyo, featuring disaster-resistant high-grade facilities, high cost performance and advanced green performance. You can feel the difference. Going forward, NTT Communications will continue to offer leading-edge data centre services, now under the Nexcenter™ brand, to help customers grow their businesses.

e-Commerce Solutions

Breaking into e-Commerce Market in Asia: Opportunities & Challenges - Motion Graphic Video

The motion graphic video presents the key findings from an NTT Communications' e-Commerce survey with global merchants, which includes a critical evaluation of the potential of Asia and China e-Commerce market, and how payment solutions play a role in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities.

NTT Communications Payment Solutions

NTT Communications Payment Solutions are ideal for enterprises looking for complete merchant services for e-commerce. A range of optimisation capabilities are designed to streamline payment processes, expand your global reach, and keep your costs down.

Network Services

NTT Com Arcstar Universal One Portal Demo - NFV-enabled Cloud-Based Network

NTT Communications' Arcstar Universal One uses SDN and NFV technology to dynamically deliver high-performance cloud-based network services to enterprise end users, whilst eliminating the complexity and expense of maintaining dedicated on-premises devices.
The platform offers the flexibility for customers to activate and configure the services in real time: service activation that traditionally took months can now be done in minutes, and configuration changes that took weeks can now be reflected in real time.

Introduction to Arcstar Universal One Virtual

Corporations are facing various issues related to network environments with the popularisation of cloud computing and globalisation of business.
NTT Communications' Arcstar Universal One Virtual realises network virtualisation through the latest technology.
It connects existing on-premise networks, adds networks to meet specific needs and connects various terminals to the networks in a fast, flexible and affordable manner.

How to use Arcstar Universal One Virtual

NTT Communications' Arcstar Universal One Virtual realises network virtualisation in a fast, flexible and affordable manner.
We will share you how to set up the special app, connect the Universal One terminal and browse the business portal.

Customer Portal

Introduction to NTT Com Business Portal

NTT Communications Business Portal enables you to visualize and manage cloud, network, voice, application and security in a seamless online experience.