Reference Customer Programme

NTT Communications has been the proven choice for ICT solutions for global network connectivity, data centres and cloud hosting to cloud applications. Enterprise customers, local or international, entrust NTT Communications’ world-class infrastructure and leverage on our global resources to accelerate their business success.

The Programme

NTT Communications Reference Customer Programme is designed to give our customers credit for their professionalism and success in technological leadership and IT resources management. By sharing how they use and benefit from NTT Communications’ ICT solutions, reference customers demonstrate how strategic ICT solutions can help to gain competitive value for business, and serve as an excellent role model for other companies and their counterparts.

Programme participants come from various industries and are usually the decision makers of their companies’ IT departments. The Programme comes in different formats, from logo credit, testimonial, case study and media interview to online presence and advertisement. Our account servicing team and marketing team will work with the participants to identify the best way to share their success stories. Participating in the programme offers customers several benefits, including:

Showcasing IT Leadership

Showcasing IT leadership

  • Demonstrate that your company is an industry leader in technological advancement and increase credibility to customers
Rewards for Your Team

Rewards for your team

  • Acknowledge the effort of your IT team with favourable publicity opportunities
Promotion of Your Brand

Promotion of your brand

  • Gain visibility for your brand and enhance brand image
Building of Alliances with Credible Partners

Building of alliances with credible partners

  • Gain visibility by associating your innovative business solutions with world-class partner NTT Communications

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