Global Connectivity

We connect your business to more than
150 countries around the world.

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NTT Communications Group has subsidiaries and offices in 82 cities in 30 countries/regions, connecting networks to more than 150 countries around the world.

Local Services

Global TeleConference Service

Global TeleConference enables you to host audio conferences via any phone terminal from virtually any location.

Global Services

Arcstar™ Universal One

Arcstar™ Universal One provides a cloud-based environment for network resource deployment riding on NTT Communications’ global network infrastructure.

Arcstar™ Global Leased Line

Available in 45 countries/areas, Arcstar™ Global Leased Line establishes high speed point-to-point connections with dedicated bandwidth for overseas sites.

IPv6 and IPv4 Transit

NTT Communications operates one of the world’s largest IPv6 backbones, offering seamless IPv6 Native and IPv6 / IPv4 Dual Stack transit services.

Content Delivery Network

Smart Content Delivery is NTT Communications’ proprietary content delivery service that rides on our Tier 1 Global IP backbone and directly connects to ISPs of major regions.

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