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NTT Com Asia’s Enterprise Hosting services comprise a suite of premium hosting solutions with features of high flexibility, rapid deployment and prompt implementation to support businesses’ IT initiatives at any scale. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-grade services, from subscription-based infrastructure outsourcing to utility-based cloud solutions.

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For over 10 years NTT Com Asia has devoted our best efforts to optimize solutions that help enterprises to maximize the utility of their IT resources from both operational and green perspectives. We are committed to deliver six core values through our Enterprise Hosting services:

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Local Services

Cloud Hosting

NTT Com Asia offers a wide spectrum of cloud services from highly-secured private cloud solutions to cost effective public cloud hosting services.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

One-stop infrastructure outsourcing services include dedicated hosting, hosted storage, backup and SSL-VPN on a subscription basis.

Global Services

Global Cloud Services

Global Enterprise Cloud

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