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Providing world-class quality and full-support: the next generation data centre service.

With the new Tier IV design NTT Communications Hong Kong
Financial Data Centre (FDC™), the hosting landscape for
mission critical data in Asia has been transformed.

NTT Communications Hong Kong Data Centre is a Tier III+
fully-redundant infrastructure ensuring high availability and
business continuity, with ISO-certified operations and security

Business Resumption Centre is well equipped with all the
facilities necessary to immediately allow for the resumption of
normal business operations when disaster strikes.

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Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud is a private cloud service that compliments our data centre, network and server solutions. We provide a versatile IT cloud infrastructure to support your core business applications, with a wide range of options, including flexible resource provisioning.


Cloudn is a global public cloud service that provides elastic cloud resources with a rich set of APIs. Select from data centres in Japan and the U.S., with premium features such as load balancing and snapshot backups.

Cloud Migration Service

Cloud Migration Service is a cloud infrastructure consulting service offering design, implementation and migration assistance, based on industry best practises. The service provides a survey of your current information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, design of a new cloud infrastructure and a detailed implementation plan. NTT Communications provides the experience to support global clients migrating complex IT infrastructures to the cloud.

Content Delivery Network

NTT Communications' Content Delivery Network service is a versatile content delivery system. It offers robust caching and acceleration options that are essential for enterprises looking to expand/promote their products at a global level.

NTT Communications is one of the top telecommunications service providers in the world.

NTT Communications Group provides services to various customers around the world.

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