With the 1st Phase launched in 2013, NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Centre (FDC™) is a purpose-built data centre located on a piece of 30,000m² company-owned land in Tseung Kwan O. FDC™ features Tier IV ready infrastructure, the most advanced and sophisticated data centre design, and ultra-low latency network solution.

Below are a few highlights in The Making of FDC™. To view more photographs as well as video, please visit the NTT Com Asia Facebook Fan Page (www.facebook.com/nttca).

NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Centre

Continuous Cooling – The Arrival of Energy Efficient Water-cooled Chiller

The NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Centre (FDC™) is purpose-built on a piece of 30,000m² of land from scratch, providing a perfect condition to create a scalable plug & play cooling solution with huge cooling equipments. On 14 July 2012, series of energy efficient Water-cooled Chillers arrived at their new home – FDC™ in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong. The crane gently lifted the Water-cooled Chiller into the FDC™. NTT Com Asia Facebook Fan Page The first energy efficient Water-cooled Chiller was taken into the Primary Cooling Centre of the FDC™ that can host over 15,000 tons of cooling capacity. One by one, the Chillers were all lifted through a delivery window of 7m (H) times 10m (W). The energy efficient Water-cooled Chillers are configured in redundant manner with dual distribution paths to ensure reliable cooling and enable system maintenance at any single point.

NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Centre

Continuous Cooling – Thermal Energy Storage Tanks and Cooling Tower

On 6 September 2012, the Cooling Tower, one of the core components of the continuous cooling systems, was lifted to the rooftop of FDC™. The rooftop area is well-designed to locate the Cooling Tower and allow for future expansion. With a capacity of 3,300m³ (approximately 1.5 Olympic-sized swimming pool), the Thermal Energy Storage Tanks on the rooftop of the FDC™ provides 10 minutes back-up chilled water to ensure continuous cooling for high power density cooling application. Thermal energy pipes and pieces were assembled inside the tunnels underneath the Thermal Energy Storage Tanks. Huge chilled water pipes are used to supply chilled water to the data center through diversified routes.

NTT Communications Hong Kong Financial Data Centre

Continuous Cooling – Continuous Rating Generators

The Continuous Rating Generators with no run time limitation, one of the key features of Tier IV infrastructure, were meticulously checked before delivery to the FDC™. On 10 August 2012, this enormous Continuous Rating Generator, with a weight of 72,733kg which is around 20 adult elephants and a dimension of 3,659 (L) x 1,219 (W) x 1,519 (H) cm, moved-in to the FDC™. The mighty Continuous Rating Generators were landed at the Generator Room of the FDC™. Once inside, the team eased them into position.  

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The Making Of FDC™ Continuous Cooling 1
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The Making Of FDC™ Continuous Cooling 2
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The Making Of FDC™ Continuous Rating Generator
  • Continuous Rating Generator